Collision Repair Process

Knowing what to expect during the collision repair process can take some of the stress and guesswork out of having your vehicle repaired after an accident. The steps below will give you a clearer picture of what to expect from the initial estimate through the day you pick up the keys to your newly restored vehicle. 

Step 1: Estimate 

A collision repair estimator will begin with an initial inspection of your vehicle to determine what work needs to be done and how long it will take to be completed. The initial inspection will determine a visible damage only estimate. Not everything will be visible to the estimator during the initial inspection. A scheduled drop off date will then be determined based off of availability and the customer’s need. After the payment policy has been reviewed and the deductible has been confirmed, the vehicle is dropped off and left for repair.

Step 2: Authorization 

Because a majority of collision repair work is through insurance, we need to make sure all of our work is covered by your insurance.  At North Star Collision Repair, we pride ourselves on working quickly and efficiently to keep your claim process moving while keeping you and your insurance company in the loop. Once our initial estimate is authorized, we can move forward with your claim. 

Step 3: Disassembly & Parts Order

After your vehicle has been dropped off, the repair process can begin. Disassembly, or teardown, begins when the insurance company requests that the vehicle be disassembled to assess and insure that all damage done to the vehicle is documented accurately. The insurer can then provide authorization to repair the vehicle and all parts needed can be ordered for the repair. If no disassembly is needed, repairs can be scheduled and repairs on the vehicle can be started when ordered parts arrive.

Step 4: Blueprinting & Supplement Process

 It’s rare that we can see the full extent of the damage visible without tearing the vehicle down.  This is particularly true when insurance companies have issued their own estimate for repair.  During this time period we negotiate with the insurance any repairs which may have been left off the initial estimate.  More often than not, we are likely to find more damage after disassembly.  At this time, we note any additional damages that may have been covered up, and order any additional parts that may be applicable.  If the repair is through insurance, this will require a secondary authorization from your insurance company. Lastly, we confirm any payments that will be issued to the shop, or to you the customer, from the insurance.  

Step 5: Body Repair 

Once the parts have been ordered, body repair can begin. The body of the vehicle will be repaired to fit all original factory specifications. Alignments and structural repairs will be completed in addition to any and all mechanical repairs. After the car is structurally and mechanically sound, auto body work can be completed and prepared for repainting and refinishing.

Step 6: Paint Prep & Refinishing

After the auto body repairs have been completed your vehicle is moved into our state-of-the-art paint shop.  Parts will be prepped & primed for paint, before making its way into our paint booth. Most vehicles spend an average of two days in the paint shop before moving into reassembly.

Step 7: Reassembly & Detailing

Once all repairs and painting has been completed, the vehicle will be reassembled. Every piece will be returned to its original location. After a test drive to insure all mechanical parts function correctly, the vehicle will be cleaned and ready pick up.

Step 8: Final Inspection

After reassembly is completed, a final inspection will take place to determine the total amount of expenses for the repair. The list of repairs will be gone over with the customer, including a list of parts purchased and all repairs made. After a post repair inspection by the customer the vehicle can then be picked up. 

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