What To Carry In Your Car

Whether your trip is 2 miles or 2000 miles, it is always a good idea to keep things in your car in case of an emergency. An emergency while driving can be many things, from running out of gas to a collision. Along with a good mechanic and auto body shop to stay prepared, here is a list of some of the most important things to keep in your car in case of an emergency.

Tire Changing Tools

A flat tire can happen anytime and anywhere. You should always keep a spare tire, if possible, along with the necessary tools to install the spare if you happen to get a flat. These tools would include a tire iron, a lug wrench, and a tire jack. Keeping a tire sealant in your vehicle can also be a good quick fix for a small leak.

Gas Can

If you have room, a gas can is a good thing to keep it secure. Gas fumes wouldn’t be good in an enclosed space, but you can keep a gallon or two in the back of a truck or secured to the outside of your vehicle, if possible.

Jumper Cables

A dead battery is an unfortunate, but common, driving emergency. If you’re stranded with a dead battery and no jumper cables, you’ll more than likely have to wait until someone stops with a set. If you keep a set in your car, there is usually a good Samaritan around to give you a jump.

Owner’s Manual

Most car owners keep their owner’s manual in their glove compartment but it’s not a bad idea to purchase an aftermarket manual for your vehicle’s year and model. These extensive manuals will help you troubleshoot common and uncommon problems that you may run into while driving.

First Aid Kit

Sometimes an emergency has nothing to do with your car, but with you or one of your passengers. A fully stocked first aid kit will have everything from bandages to headache medicine, making it an invaluable tool for minor emergencies.

Printed Maps

GPS is great but not available in every area. If you’re taking a road trip, it’s best to have printed maps of every area you will be traveling through.

A Car Charger for Your Phone

If you have a cell phone, you’re going to want to keep a charger in your car at all times. Cell phones shouldn’t be used while driving but it’s a good idea to keep a fully charged cell phone on hand in case of an emergency.

Winter Necessities

If you live in an area that is prone to rain, ice and snow, keep a few things in your car that will help you in case of a weather-related emergency. A snow shovel can help if you get stuck in the snow and an ice scraper is good for frost covered windshields. Keep an extra blanket in your trunk just in case.


A true list of everything that you should keep in your car could be never-ending. It never hurts to be prepared so here is a quick list of other things to keep handy.

  • Water Bottles
  • Emergency Food
  • Roll of Quarters
  • Weather Radio
  • Reflective Triangles / Flares
  • Umbrella
  • Flashlight / Small Lantern
  • Multi-tool
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Work Gloves
  • Tire Pump
  • Tow Rope
  • Jugs of Water
  • Motor Oil
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