Does Your Vehicle Damage Estimate Seem High?

Get A Second Opinion!

Yep, we’ve been there, Does Your Vehicle Damage Estimate Seem High? Get A Second Opinion!  For whatever reason, your car needs to be seen in a body shop near the Orangevale-Folsom Area.  And, you just received your damage estimate. Yikes, not what you expected? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you a second opinion.  Afterall, you’re not stuck using the first shop that takes a look. And, you should certainly take a look around at your options. Car damage can be costly, but there are options out there that you can decide on.  Do you want all OEM parts, or would non-OEM work? What about maybe some used parts?

These sorts of things can save you money but aren’t something that every shop is willing to explore.  We are a collision repair shop in Orangevale-Folsom and are happy to help. We have an expert team of body shop masters that can make your car looking great.  But, don’t take our word for it. Check us out online and ask around. We have a great reputation because we know what we are doing.

Auto Body Shop in Orangevale-Folsom Area

Auto collision repairs certainly add up.  Especially as the cars become more and more complex than back in the day.  Often times a body shop repair will also include some level of Mechanical as well.  And, with all the onboard cameras, safety features and such, things are far more complicated than they once were.  Sophisticated onboard diagnostics are great when things are all working correctly. As the car ages, things start to become more brittle.  Due to cars being made with more plastic and less metal, it makes them age differently.

All of these things have to be considered when we are looking at the vehicle damage estimate.  So, if you have gotten an estimate and you are just not sure about the cost. Give us a call. We are happy to give you a second opinion and point out the differences in the estimates as well if you’d like.  Auto Body repairs aren’t any fun and we understand that. Let us take a look and ask you some questions regarding what level of repair you’re looking for. As some people just want the car in drivable condition, you need to express that.  As we are trained to make it look like it was never in an accident.

Get a Second Opinion on your Auto Body Repair Estimate

Auto body repair estimates can also get pretty confusing.  So, we encourage you to ask questions. If your not sure what that part is for or even if you need it, speak up.  The car’s these days have changed from the early days of simple design. And, there are more parts and pieces that go even a headlamp than ever before.  However, sometimes if you want a used option for your parts, you can save some money in the end. However, we never assume anything, so we will ask you what you’d like.  Some people are all about the OEM parts only and keeping their car as perfect as the day they bought it. While others have different opinions. Be clear when asking for an Auto Body Repair Estimate.

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