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Top 5 Tips To Drive Safely After Dark

When you need to drive somewhere at night, you may already know that it is much more dangerous than driving during the day. Other cars are harder to see, street signs may not be properly lit, and when you add poor weather it can lower your visibility and be a recipe for disaster. Follow these tips to stay safe when you absolutely have to drive at night.

1.  Use Your Headlights

This may seem like a given but it’s the most important thing to remember when driving at night. You should turn your headlights on at least an hour before dusk. Not only will you see easier but you will be making yourself easier to see by other drivers. If you’re driving in bad weather, day or night, your headlights should always be on as a way for other drivers to see you on the road. Your high beams should always be turned off when you come within 500 feet of an oncoming car.

2. Keep Your Headlights Clean

Make sure your headlights are in good working condition. Keep them clean and maintained by a professional. Have your headlights adjusted so they are always aimed in the right direction. If your headlights are beginning to look foggy. No need to purchase new ones. You have your headlights restored by a professional here at North Star.

3. Don’t Stare at Oncoming Lights

It is easy to get distracted by the lights of oncoming cars. Turn your eyes away from other lights on the road. Never look directly at someone else’s high beams. If someone’s high beams are on and they are not turning them off, turn your eyes and focus on the right fog line on the road. If a vehicle behind you has their high beams on, you can usually adjust your rearview mirror to reflect light backward to get the reflection out of your eyes. This can also alert the driver behind you that you are having trouble viewing the road.

4. Keep Your Windshield Clean

Keeping your windshield clean is always a good idea, but especially at night. If you have streaks in your windshield that are not visible during the day, clean your windows at night to ensure that you have a clear view of the road ahead.

5.  Avoid Driving at Night, if Possible

If you have trouble staying awake or problems with your vision at night, it’s always a good idea to hold off on your travel if possible. If you absolutely have to drive at night, there are some tips and tricks for keeping yourself awake and alert. Rolling your windows down and listening to upbeat music can help for some. If you feel yourself nodding off, you should always pull off the road if safe to do so at a hotel or well lit and safe rest area.

The key to driving at night is knowing what kind of night driver you are. If you need extra sleep before you pull an all-nighter driving, make sure to get plenty of sleep in the hours before you leave. If you are prone to nodding off, plan your route with a hotel or safe rest area in mind. These tips keep not only you but other drivers safer when driving at night.

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