7 Tips To Get Your Car Spring Ready

At our auto body shop, we see regularly how harsh winter weather can take its toll on your vehicle, especially if it wasn’t housed by a garage or car cover. When warm weather comes, it’s a good idea to give your vehicle a thorough once-over and repair or replace anything harsh weather may have damaged. Here are seven things to check or replace to get your vehicle ready for spring.

1. Replace Wiper Blades

Your wiper blades get a big workout during winter. You should always change the blades in spring and fall, especially if they start leaving streaks on your windshield.

2. Check Your Breaks

Road salt, used during winter months to melt snow and keep water from freezing, can cause damage to your breaks over time. Salt can corrode metal and your brake pads rely on clean, properly lubricated metal frames to work properly. Even if you don’t hear any audible signs that your brakes are failing, you should have a technician inspect and/or replace them if needed.

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3. Tire Maintenance

If you switch your tires before winter to snow tires, you’ll want to switch back to all-season or performance tires once the weather stays warm. Check your tire pressure and have all-season or performance tires rotated if they were left on during winter.

4. Check Tire Alignment

Potholes are an often unavoidable downfall to rainy weather and can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Have your alignment checked as uneven alignment can cause uneven tire wear, stress on your vehicle’s suspension and other potentially dangerous issues.

5. Top Off Fluids

Your fluids can be depleted quickly in winter weather, especially windshield wiper fluid, so top off all fluid levels if they are too low. If your vehicle uses thinner engine oil in winter, it’s a good idea to switch to a thicker engine oil come spring.

6. Check For Dents or Scratches

Harsh winter weather, including rain, hail, and snow can leave scratches and dent on your vehicle’s body.   Give your vehicle a good once over and repair any dings, dents or scratches before they turn into a bigger eyesore.

7. Give Your Vehicle A Thorough Cleaning

If you’ve neglected to regularly wash your vehicle during winter, spring is the perfect time to tackle the job. Dirt, grime and road salt can accumulate on the body and underbody of your vehicle during winter weather, which can not only damage your paint but also can be unsightly. Give the interior and exterior a thorough cleaning, and seal your fresh wash with a good wax.

Follow these tips to have your vehicle in great shape and road ready for the warm spring weather. They may help prevent your vehicle from needing a visit from North Star Collision Repair in the near future.

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